What Happens When the Supreme Court Makes a Mistake? PACs vs People 

supreme courtThe Supreme Court f****d up when they changed the campaign contribution laws and made PACs legal status the same as real people. The election sales in America started that day. Get your politician here – but you can only shop at this store if you have a half a billion or more in spare change. That leaves me out. What about you?

I can’t stand the fact that a good number of politicians push their donor’s concerns rather than their constituents issues. Peep the play. This is how and why abortion and voters rights are being eliminated. Some big money grip donor/dictator decided that he’s entitled and should get his way on whatever issue he wants.

How can we make them put the genie back in the bottle? Why can’t Supreme Court justices be punished for being  gravely wrong? Why can’t they be impeached?

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